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By Ed McBain / Evan Hunter

A Bio and Interview of Evan Hunter

The story: The Last Spin

A story about teenage street gangs and how they solve problems.

A WebQuest on teenage street gangs. Created by Nellie Deutsch

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Please choose one answer for each of the following questions.

Content Feedback Questions




Do you know what a teenage gang is?

Does your school have teen gangs?

Should a school have a plan to stop teenage gangs?

Should parents get involved with the issue of teen gangs?

Should the police get involved?

Should there be security men in your school?

Do you know someone that belongs to a gang?

Would you try and stop a person from joining a gang?

All classroom teachers should become familiar with teen violence and learn how to deal with it?

Reflection and Feedback Questions

Is this your first WebQuest?

Did you find the task interesting?

Did you work in teams?

Did you like your team?

Would you work with your team on another project?

Did you learn about team gangs?

Would you like to work on another WebQuest?

Did you read the story "The Last Spin"?

Were you upset at the end of the story?

Click on the "Send Feedback" button to send your responses


Student Page | Teacher Page

Last updated December 8, 2004 by Nellie Deutsch

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