Why Did They Do That?

  A WebQuest for 8th Grade

Flags and Their Origins



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This WebQuest was developed as part of the course requirements for University of Phoenix Online Masters program for CUR 558 Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction.

A WebQuest is an interactive lesson in which students use the resources of the Internet to complete specific objectives. A WebQuest can supplement or enhance existing curriculums by providing additional resources and a level of critical thinking that is an extension of the typical classroom. All resources found in this quest are accessible online.

Teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, and research abilities play an important role in the WebQuest. Organization and creativity play a vital role in this specific lesson.


This WebQuest is designed for 8th grade but is easily adaptable to any grade. Prior to beginning this assignment, be sure that students have a clear understanding of the final product and how it will be graded. Search skills are not necessary since all required links are provided, but is an asset to the assignment.

National Curriculum Standards:

Technology: http://cnets.iste.org/students/s_stands.html

Students will use a variety of technological and information resources (e.g., libraries, databases, computer networks, video) to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.

Process and Task

At teacher, or student discretion, assemble teams of four members each. The teacher should cover all information on the student page prior to beginning the WebQuest.

This WebQuest will take two to three class periods on consecutive school days if possible.  Worksheets with the instructions will need to be photocopied prior to beginning the WebQuest.

Students will work in teams. Students should be familiar with the Internet.  If they are not, it is quite simple for them to follow the instructions on the WebQuest to access the links.

Students will complete the tasks as they move through the WebQuest. Students will keep a travel journal.


All required resources are provided on the student page.

To implement the WebQuest portion of this unit, teachers will need:

Computers with Netscape or Explorer Navigator

Enough computers for each team to work on

Computers powerful enough to access Internet use

Teachers should familiarize themselves with the WebQuest before using it with their students.


Students will be evaluated according to the following evaluation criteria:


Teacher and classmates will evaluate the presentations.


See student page


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Introduction | Task | Process | Resources | Evaluation | Conclusion | Journal | Student

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