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The Right Attitude (Nellie  Deutsch)



The Right Attitude:

  1. You are what you think you are!

  2. Attract what you want by believing you are a perfect being.

  3. Visualize the things you want by seeing them as being part of your present state and you will attract them.

  1. Develop the right attitude about your life and you will not need a life coach.

  2. Develop the right attitude about your family and you will not need a marriage coach.

  3. Develop the right attitude about your relationships and you will not need a relationship coach.

  4. Develop the right attitude about your work and school life and you will not need a career coach.

  5. Develop the right attitude about money and you will not need a money coach.


My name is Nellie Deutsch and I love to help and share my ideas with others. I am here to help you find your success in life for free. Yes, I will do that for you because you are 100% perfect as you are. 


Most of us are struggling because we have the wrong attitude on how to tap into the wonders of our world. We are perfect but don't realize it.


You can succeed by realizing that you already are a success. Your are successful in spite of your mistakes and misfortunes.


You are special for being here. You know that but you sometimes forget.


Let me remind you again. You are special!


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Ideas and Resources on Having the Right Attitude (Nellie Deutsch)



Imagine a world where everyone treats each other with respect and kindness. Consider what it would be like to be part of a place where all are successful and happy, where all achieve and do their best. This is the world Positive Action is trying to create through a system that increases positive behaviors and decreases negative behaviors.

Its reach includes individuals, schools, families, and communities with all their members and subgroups, and it addresses the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional domains of each individual. This common-sense program utilizes completely prepared materials to teach and reinforce a coherent and comprehensive system of intuitive, universal ideas aimed at achieving success and happiness.

A positive attitude is all we need. This is a world we all want; it's a world we can have if we work together. So join us, and thousands of others, and let's create the world of Positive Action!



  Listen and observe our perfect world



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