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Submit your story or poem by filling in the form. Add your personal information and copy and paste your work.

Your work will be reviewed and edited for grammar, spelling,  punctuation, and organization. If found appropriate, it will be published online to share with others.



My Brother by Monica S

To my dearest brother, To those who knew you, you were a shining star; a man who could accomplish anything he wanted, a man whose main goal in life was to make others happy. If there was a crowd, it was always you in the center with a funny story or antic dote, always laughing like you had nowhere else to be, no other care in the world and no pain at all. But those who really knew you knew of some of the pain you felt. They knew that behind that heart of gold and smiling face was a man who never truly experienced happiness or peace within himself. You were a man who took life hard and never got over the things that hurt you. A man who defined “tears of a clown”, but it wasn’t just your pain you carried; you took on everyone else’s pain as well, because that’s who you were. You met a stranger in pain and suddenly you were in pain with them. The love and compassion you had for your fellow man knew no bounds, it is not understandable to the average person, but then again you were far from average. You were able to accomplish things that an “average” person wouldn’t have even tried to do. You had the ability to make things happen around you. You always had an open heart to anyone who needed it and it didn’t matter who, what, when, where, or why. You gave the shirt off your back to someone when it was requested of you, because that’s who you were - that’s just the kind of soul you had. I wish you would have realized how many people admired, cared, and loved you. Maybe just maybe if you would have known it would have alleviated some of the pain you carried. I hope that wherever you are - you are looking down at us and you see all the people that thought the world of you, and that you realize the mark you left on this world and I hope that it gives you comfort. You are missed by so many and your memory will live in our hearts forever. We will never forget you and we will always love you. We miss you now and forever.

The Election: A story written by Deirdre Peara  


"What?" I said as I looked up from my algebra at Adri. She was wearing mismatching converse, bright green suspenders and knee length rainbow socks. It seemed as though her life mission was to break dress code.

"You're voting for me right – for president?" she looked nervous as she spoke.

"What? Of course I am! You're my best friend!"

"Great". She said sticking a 'vote for Adri' sticker on my forehead.

"Err… thanks". I said unenthusiastically, pulling it off and placing it over my green sweater, and onto my chest. "Can I read your speech?"

"Uhh. Naw. I uh. I gotta go. The bells gonna ring and I haven't finished my science homework. Ciao, Josie."

"Adri… do you even have a speech prepared"? I asked cautiously.

"Well. I don't know! I kind of forgot… You know how I am with reading in front of large crowds? Like the time at mass?"

How could I forget. The image of Adri passing out when she was supposed to read a scripture at mass suddenly popped into my head. "But, oh Adri. What are you going to do! You have to give your speech next hour?"

"I dunno. I'll just… Talk to them. And pretend that I'm, like, speaking to my brother or something". Adri said in a worried tone.

"So you're saying you're going to yell at them like a mad person and then lock them in a closet?"

"Shut UP!" She swatted my arm, and there was a rather tense silence between the two of us. Until – "You write it."


"YOU write it! You won that Merit Scholarship for writing that stupid essay on God."

"You're acting like an idiot. I can't just write you a full length speech to say in front of the entire school in 45 minutes!"

Sometimes she was just SO idiotic. There was no way that I was doing this. No way. It was against all logic. She couldn't make me do it. I refuse.


45 minutes later she was sitting in front of the entire student body holding the speech I had written for her during Social Studies.

She looked nervous.

And pale.

And on the urge of throwing up.

While on her left, Katie Chamberlin was sitting looking as smug as ever, and on her right, Maddie Barton looked as though she had mostly the same symptoms as Adri. Except Maddie was so beautiful, that it was probable that if she were to trip on the way to the podium and fall flat on her face, that no one would even notice.

Mr. Rutledge, the principal, walked to the front of the auditorium.

"Attention: students, teachers and parents. Welcome. I will not bore you with a speech of my own, but let us put our listening ears on for our candidates." Golly, he still treats us like fourth graders. "Firstly: Madelyne Barton."

Though Maddie was beautiful, she was also incredibly stupid. She had 6 pieces of paper clamped to a clipboard, all of which had 36 sized-text on it.

"Hello everyone… Uhm yeah. In case you don't know me… I'm Maddie – I mean. I'm Madelyne Barton." Hah. As if no one knows who you are. "Yeah. So… If I'm elec… aleckt… elected, yeah. If I'm elected your school presidence, I mean president, then I will work for the students and with the students, meaning you guys. So… yeah. Thanks."

And with that she walked and sat in her foldaway metal chair.

Mr. Rutledge walked up again. "Hokay. Next speaker is… Kathleen Chamberlin.

Before he had even finished stating her name, Katie was already up on the podium. Except… why didn't she have a speech?

"Hey children. I'm Katie. You all know that because Mr. Ratledge… I mean… Mr. Rutledge just said my name. So anyways, if you elect me as your president, the first change I will make is to get rid of that Beef Vegetable Stew that we're served every Wednesday. No offense to Mrs. Altehophen or anything, her lasagna's great… but seriously. Icky. More like Beef Vegetable Puke, yeah?"

Someone in the audience cheered.

"Next change to this pathetic attempt of a school. The uniforms. What is up with them forcing us into these ugly green sweaters and navy skirts everyday? How do we solve this problem? By rebelling and wearing stupid accessories like suspenders to make yourself stand out?" She shot a look of hatred at Adri. "No! If elected, I will demand MORE non-uniform days and FEWER detentions for having your shirt untucked, or your skirt too short."

The teachers are too strict here! Why must they act like they're the wardens and we're the prisoners out of our cells? Think about it, and vote Katie Chamberlin for Student Body President of 2005-2006. It's the only logical choice!

Everyone cheered like as she returned to her seat, and gave Adri a deadly smirk.

Mr. Rutledge walked back up to the front of the room. "Next up," He said looking hard at the piece of paper on which Adri, Katie and Maddie all had their names on. "Ah-dree-ah-na Var-chett-uh."

"Adriana Varchetta." Adri corrected with more courage then she had. She walked slowly to the podium looking much like she did when she passed out at church. When she finally got to her destination, she stood there for several seconds looking as though she had forgotten why she was standing in front of the entire student body with the speech I had prepared for her clutched so tightly in her hand.

"GO ADRI!" I shouted into the tense silence she had created. Many people laughed while Mrs. Pollack shushed me. Adri seemed to remember why she was there.

Okay. Hello. My name is Adri Varchetta," she spoke nervously while staring a hole into her paper, speaking slowly and in a monotone voice. "And I am running to be your class president. I am not running for popularity, for something to put on my college applications, or just for the fun of it. I am running to make a difference.

Our school is a family, and I think we should start acting like one, instead of being so klee… klee-key… uhh…" Oh god. She couldn't read my cursive. I wanted to shout at her that the word was 'cliquey,' but I'd surely get a detention. She stared at me with wide eyes, like a cat that had just heard a can opener. Then she cleared her throat and spoke again. "Okay. I'm not going to read this." She crumpled up my speech and threw it behind her, where it hit Katie Chamberlin in the head. Many people laughed, which seemed to boost Adri's confidence.

She smiled and spoke again. "Alright. So guys… I really think that like… like we need to stop pretending like we know who we are, already. We don't know who we are, none of us do. We all have problems, we all are going through a lot right now, and it's stressful. Well, that's high school, guys. We're going to go through tons of weird, depressing, and awkward stuff… and there's no way that we're going to be able to stop that. There isn't a magic button.

Maddie and Katie were talking about how if they were elected they would improve high school, we need to stop thinking about what we can change about Alphonsus High, and what Alphonsus can change about us.

"The next couple of years are going to crucial, life changing and amazing for us. All of us. These are the last years we get to act like kids and get away with it! Because that's what we are, we're just kids! Pretty soon we'll be going off to college, and none of us will get to… go to school dances, stay up late talking on the phone to our best friends in the whole wide world or go weeks without cleaning our room."

"If you elect me, I can't do much more… except be here for you. All of you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. Even if you don't elect me, I'll be here for you. I know how challenging and scary this can be for the freshman, and how pressuring and busy this can be for the seniors." There was a long, ten second pause. Adri seemed to have run out of ideas of what to say. And then she took a deep breath, and said in a very serious tone. "Vote for Adri."

And they did.

A Poem by Leah


I Said Goodbye

Dead, shot, killed.
Gone from my life forever.
I hold you in my arms and your blood rushes down to my soft white hands.
Red, fluids of red, gashing everywhere from that one little bullet hole.
Your choking, trying to talk, even breathe.
Gurgling blood spits out of your mouth splattering little dots on my face.
You take one breathe, one last breath and you let your throat muscles relax.
Your drumming heart beat gets softer and softer.
I kiss your red lips one last time as if I were a vampire.
Goodbye I say and you answer in silence


A Story by Shahar


It happened on the second month of the big vacation between 9 grade and 10 grade.

I got a call when I was at friend's house. I came back home as fast as I could and then I found that my father was injured. He worked in the garden, as he does every free time he has. He sawed the tall trees which surround our garden, with a disk-saw. My father stood on a flat piece of wood, and when he lowered the saw it didn’t completely stop spinning. When the saw touched the wood, it just changed its direction to my father’s leg (a bit upon the foot).

After a long surgery, my father’s leg was put back in place.

I guess it is reasonable to say that if I could change one thing in the life of a person close to me, it was that what I just told- wasn’t occurred.

The situation now is that my father can’t do many things perfectly: he can’t walk too long distances, cant run and more. Though he walks without a problem, and it is even hard to distinguish between his walking and other people walking, I and especially him would be happier if that thing hadn’t happened!

I know no one but his body can make that change and make his leg flawless, so I just can hope his body will cure itself successfully!


Poems by Kristen Carpenter


Pain is hard to feel

If it's all you have ever felt...

My friend told me everyone has a true love But is love true?

My Dad told me to think before I speak
Even when I do, he doesn't hear me!

Mom told me not to write anything I don't want read

But I need to be heard...

These kids are so judgmental, and mentally violent

Ha Ha Ha Ha

They like to see me in Pain, I don't.

You know one day I stared at the sun?!?!
Then looked down at the grass...

...I saw lights of colors
I thought, is this what it looks like when you die?!?!

I tried to kill myself once (very dumb)
But then thought of my friends and family...

... Hey Mom and Dad
I wasn't selfish this time!

I write poetry to keep me alive,
But I feel as if I am dead...

Pain is hard to feel
If it's all you ever felt...



Just not right

If the stars shown in the daylight
and the sun showed at midnight
Then obviously things wouldn't be right

If a rabbit went neigh
and a cat ate hay
then what would we have to say
If a stuffed animal talked
and we did not
then no one would have thought

If all Stories rhymed
and went by time
that wouldn't be fine

If the one you love
you cannot hug
look at hole, you just dug

If a point was trying to be made
and then went in vain
ha, it did, I am insane



Running thoughts

I am very tired, and sick,
My mind rotted, and my soul shrunk,
my heart is black, my eyes are red,

I realized my clothes are either too tight or too loose,

I am too fat, and too skinny,

My hair is too frizzy, or too flat,
my feet are too large,
Or too Small

My fingernails are too white, or too black

My Goth pants attract attention I'm in love

My brain hurts, my knees are sensitive,
My jewelry is all silver,
gold sucks

Blogs let me talk about nothing
My space lets me reach friends
AIM and Yahoo are my best kind

My best friend is a whore
Maid of honors are whores
so I am a whore

I love my sisters
I like to sing
my weenie is peach, but hurts

I would kill someone for who I love
I would Love someone for killing me
I want money from Asia

Man kind sucks
I like monkeys better
we did not evolve from monkeys

God loves you
Jesus loves you
Somebody loves you

I love You
I love Timmy
I hate you

I can sing alto
Sopranos suck
My brain is dead

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