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Lesson Title:  Teeth For Life

Subject Area(s) Health- Dental Hygiene Grade Level 3rd

Lesson Summary

This unit is designed to teach students good dental hygiene habits. Students will participate in hands-on activities designed for students at the third grade level. Lessons may be modified for other age levels. Hands-on activities include making homemade toothpaste, practicing proper brushing techniques on a model of teeth and on their own teeth, conducting experiments to see the effects of acid on teeth, and conducting experiments to see the effects of soda and juices on teeth. The culminating activity will be a field trip to a dentistís office. Technology will be integrated throughout the unit through the use of Internet sites, word-processing skills, the use of the projection device, and graphing. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of the lesson, students will:

        Identify proper cleaning technique for teeth

        Maintain daily calendar of teeth brushing



6. Understands the nature and uses of different forms of technology Science
12. Understands the nature of scientific inquiry.

Language Arts

 8.  Uses listening and speaking strategies for different purposes.
 9. Uses viewing skills and strategies to understand and interpret visual media.


 7. Knows how to maintain and promote personal health.


Technology Tools: TV, VCR, Computer with Internet, Projection Device,

Multidimensional Activities

Computer Functions and Data Manipulations

Activities prior to computer

Introduce Dental Health Unit with video, "The Incredible Ride."
2. Lead student discussion about video. Questions might include:

How would you feel if you met Dr. Rabbit?

How would you feel if your best friend got lost on a ride?

What would you do?

Give directions regarding proper handling of teeth molds/models.
4. Demonstrate proper brushing techniques with model.
5. Give each group a model and a toothbrush. Allow each student to take a turn brushing, verbalizing the proper procedures while other students in the group "coach."
6. Pass out the calendar for use with teeth brushing. Discuss how to mark morning and afternoon brushing. Calendars will be collected at the end of the unit.
7. Use Projection Device to show students teacher-made PowerPoint presentation.
8. Closure activity: allow students to "Think, Pair, Share." Each person will tell partner something that was learned from the video or type in Microsoft Word.

Activities during the computer

Students will go to or the web site and give one example of good dental hygiene.

Students will go to  and give an example of dental care for animals.

Activities after the computer

Students will prepare a one paragraph report on what they discovered about good dental hygiene for kids and for animals

Specify Problem

Today, we are going to learn how to take care of our teeth.  After you learn about how to take care of your teeth, you are going to demonstrate proper brushing techniques and maintain a calendar to monitor your brushing.  


Students will use computer with Internet access and a Microsoft Word final written report  

Lesson Introduction

I will introduce the topic of good dental habits and find out what the students think about brushing their teeth. I would use a KWL to get them to think about what they know, want to know and at the end of the lesson, what they learned. 


Culminating Activity

The culminating activity will be a field trip to a dentistís office. Technology will be integrated throughout the unit through the use of Internet sites, word-processing skills, the use of the projection device, and graphing. 

Rotation Plan

Students will be sent to the computer in groups of two.  They will be given thirty minutes to research web site and gather important information.


Objective or Performance



Needs Improvement







1. Demonstrate proper brushing technique.

Did not use tooth brush at all.

Used toothbrush, but did not use the proper technique.

Used the proper brushing technique for part of the mouth.

Used the proper brushing technique for all of their mouth


2 Maintain daily calendar for teeth brushing

Did not use calendar at all.

Did not log daily for teeth brushing.

Logged once a day for teeth brushing.

Logged every time that teeth brushing was occurring.



Diverse Learner Modification

There are ways to modify this lesson.  The teacher can allow the gifted student to do the research to locate the web site about good dental habits for people and animals.  The student that is talented in typing could do the typing part of the assignment.  The students can bring in a toothbrush and practice on their own teeth other than a model to make the assignment more real to them.



Written by Tony Reid. Updated February 1, 2005

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